Information on Hand –Tufted Rugs

All rugs are produced locally, on Tamborine Mountain by Bec Andersen, from 100% New

Zealand Wool.

What is Hand tufting?

It is a process of rug production, using a hand tufting gun, a hand held tool operated by air and

electricity, which shoots yarn through a vertically stretched canvas backing. The technique

allows for a variety of pile heights, both cut and loop pile, and is much like painting with wool.

Whilst this method of production is mainly used offshore to produce the same design over and

over again, it is perfect for a small scale production of more one of a kind pieces.

My Colour Palette

I specialize in natural dyes but in order to achieve certain colours locally made synthetic dyes are also

used. The rustic natural dyes alongside the brighter synthetic pigments create my unique palette.

work with. I often hand paint my wool in order to create light and shade within the piece.

Natural Dyes are as colour fast as any synthetic dye, and when looked after correctly my rugs will last many

years. I recommend Martha Gardners Wool Mix for spot cleaning, and absolutely no chemical cleaners, and a

good vacuum clean will work wonders. Every 5 years, a hand wash with the Martha Gardeners Wool Mix may

also be desired. Direct sunlight will fade any dyes, so keep this in mind when designing the space.


Rugs are priced per square metre, as a rule of thumb: 4 square metres and under -$700 per square metre.

Over 4 square metres -$600 per square metre. A once off design fee of $500 is charged for commissions .

After visiting the space and deciding on the intricacy of the piece, a written quote will be provided.

The Design Process

1. Design Consultation. This is where I visit the client, in their home or space, to get an

initial feel for the project. I need to define, the size, shape, and basic colour scheme

for the piece, and also to get a feel for the style. From this initial consultation I will

develop a written quote for the job.

2. Concept Development / Design Stage Concept development is the beginning of the

design stage, and will begin on receipt of the design fee ($500).

This fee is non refundable.

Preliminary sketches, will be created and presented to the client in order to select the

concept they wish to pursue. This concept will be revised if necessary, and will be

resubmitted for final approval, as a final design with colour samples.

3. Production Stage. Production of the agreed design will begin on receipt of the pre-

production payment (50% of the project). A production time of 6-8 weeks from this

point is required for production. The client may visit the studio during this period to

see the progress of their piece.

4. Delivery and final installation. On completion of the piece I will deliver it to the client,

and will take some photos for my portfolio,the final balance will be required on