BEC ANDERSEN B App Sc ( Blt Env ) GDID ( distinction) QUT.

Bec Andersen is a Designer and Rugmaker who lives and works on Tamborine Mountain.

She specialises in the design and production of hand tufted rugs. Her rugs are made from 100% wool, which she dyes using both natural and synthetic dyes.

Her designs are stylised, contemporary reflections of what

she sees in her environment. Her rugs are found in homes throughout Australia and even Canada.

A Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design forms the basis for Bec’s design methodology: to combine the sensual qualities of textiles with functionality and the demands of everyday living.

“One of my greatest challenges is to extract myself from the distractions of daily life, close the shutters on the busy world, and focus on creating something with 100% intention. This is a necessary part of a contented life for me.”

She has been teaching rug making in all its forms for many years. Some of the techniques are Punch needle Rug Making, Rug Making by Hand ( Proggy and Hooky ), Bohemian Braid Rug Making.

She has been a recipient of several arts grants for her work as a community artist.